If you would like to commission artwork, please email your request to


Please include the following:

· Your name
· Your location (city, state, etc.)
· Your idea; this could include a description as well as a jpeg (such as a photo, a scribble or stick figure art)
· Your deadline requirement, if any

We will get back to you quickly and let you know if we can fulfill your request and, if so, what the price will be.


3 Responses to “Request Paid Cartoon”

  1. 1 Rob Gerber August 29, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Bro –

    Your website is awesome!

    So, hopefully this finds humor amongst non-medical folk (it’s sorta dorky) – I got this presentation at work coming up – about a patient who returns from a trip to Africa with fever and a rash. Whenever we have to take board questions/tests at work about infectious disease topics, it’s always about a patient who has like a gazillion risk-factors for various infectious diseases so that you have to figure out the disease.

    For example, a 43 y/o male returns from a trip to Thailand, where he visited the red-light-district and had sex with hookers; he went on a camping trip and was bitten by flies and tics; he frequently visited rural campgrounds where he tried non-pasteurized milk; and occassionally experimented with the local heroin – intravenously, with shared-needles. He develops a nasty rash. The questions asks you what infectious disease is most likely to be diagnosed…

    Anyways, I envision a cartoon with a middle-aged desperate man – wearing a t-shirt that says “I love the red-light district,” sipping on a cup of unpasteurized milk, a dirty-syringe sticking out of one arm, one or two nasty-looking bugs biting the skin of his other arm, with an old-used condom draped across his shoulder… and the slogan says, “Hey doc, I got this rash and fever after my trip to Thailand, what do you think it is?”

    If you like the idea, I’ll pay you 50 bucks if you can get it to me in a week. [Um, no — we’re not gonna take fifty buck from our little bro. – K and B] I just may use it for my presentation coming up.




  2. 2 emmanuel aboah July 13, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    i want a cartoon to be made of two persons one in too much tension by purchasing low quality product and the other happy for his high quality product…

  3. 3 Vinayak Joshi May 28, 2012 at 6:35 am

    Hi, I have written the script of a 44 page comic on environmental issues and am searching for an illustrator for the same. Would you be interested? What would be the charges?

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