Less Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
Ken Gerber (artist/mastermind)
Brian Hirt (editor/Web admin/conspirator)

Where are you?
Here and there: Montreal, Chicago, Nebraska and points between.

How much does a free cartoon cost?
Free cartoons are free. But the catch is that Ken only draws ideas that we really like or find interesting in some way, and he gets to them on his own timetable. We will let the requester know by e-mail when a free cartoon is finished.

How much does a pay cartoon cost?
It depends on the request. Easy ones start at $50, but more complicated ones go higher. We’ll quote a price and turnaround time before you’re committed. Pay jobs always take priority.

Aside from the price, what’s the difference between free and paid drawings?
· Paid drawings go first in the queue.
· Paid drawings get more attention at the drawing board.
· You have a lot more input on paid drawings, including a review of pencil sketches.
· Certain things can only be paid drawings, like logos, drawings of loved ones, and other personal material.

You drew a cartoon from my idea. Are you going to post it for everyone to see?
For a free drawing, most likely. For a paid drawing, it’s negotiable.

Is there anything you won’t draw?
Sure. We’re figuring out what lines we won’t cross as the requests come in. To start…
· Vulgarity is usually neither funny nor smart. If your idea is vulgar, it better be also be one or both of those. Thanks (?) to Kevin for this post.

Copyrights. Legal. Blah. Blah. Blah.
We own the copyrights to all free drawings. They cannot be used for commercial purposes or reproduced without written permission. The rights to pay cartoons are negotiated up front with the price.


1 Response to “FAQ”

  1. 1 marion contursi November 22, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    looking to give a thank you gift to the moms who run our
    town football snack stand. the stand is called Eagles Nest

    ladies are Lisa, Tracey, Tina, Donna and Allison .
    Sold lots of pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn and hot chocolate this season.
    Our team is called the War Eagles.

    It is stand that has a roll up metal window. the stand itself is
    in our rec building. It is not free standing.

    just great ladies who spent lots of their own time making money for our kids. thanks. Marion

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This is The Cartoon Stand.
Stay a while.

I'm a hired pen.

I draw all kinds of cartoons here, and entirely at your request. I'm talking gags, illustrations, caricatures, logos, gifts, political cartoons... just about anything.

You can suggest an idea for free. If I like it, I'll draw it. Fun for me, free art for you.

Or, if you want to skip to the front of the line and get exactly what you want, you can commission a cartoon. Rates are reasonable and negotiable.

So drop an idea in the suggestion box or place an order. You still just sitting there?

— Ken



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