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Supper Solution

Personal chef service The Supper Solution hired us to create a corporate logo. Mmm… something smells good…


New People (Commissioned)

Ken drew the art for the album The Easy Thing by the band New People.

(front) (back)

Images range from oddball to grotesque (fun either way). When you’re done with the art, be sure to give the free sample album tracks a listen (the music is far less off-kilter than the artwork) — this might be your new favorite band.

Plugging In (Commissioned)

Ken previously drew a logo for the philosophy podcast/blog The Partially Examined Life. Now he’s cartoonified the bloggers as well:

This artwork appeared in Isthmus, a weekly entertainment magazine in Madison, Wisconsin, which ran an article about the city’s podcasting scene.

Happy Birthday, Amy! (Commissioned)

Dave L. and his gang have a tradition of giving each other unique birthday gifts, and we were happy to make this a memorable one for their friend Amy with a portrait of her mom and pop.


Oh… about the yarmulke and payos on the pig (among other things). The old joke in Amy’s farming family goes that a box of barnyard animals will be her dowry. (And of course, they’re Jewish. And of course, she’s engaged now.) So happy birthday, Amy, and mazel tov on the upcoming nuptials.

Thanks, Dave, for throwing the business our way and for your nice post on our Facebook page.

The Partially Examined Life (Commissioned)

Mark Linsenmayer commissioned a cartoon for his philosophy podcast/blog “The Partially Examined Life”.


Says Mark: “That would be!”

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Or, if you want to skip to the front of the line and get exactly what you want, you can commission a cartoon. Rates are reasonable and negotiable.

So drop an idea in the suggestion box or place an order. You still just sitting there?

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