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Nothing Funnier…

Our little brother (and doctor) Rob already had a pretty damn funny PowerPoint on infectious diseases. But based on this request, we put together this gag comic strip to punch it up. Call this the first three-Gerber-brother collaboration (though as usual, Ken did the drawing and Rob handled the medical diagnosis).


I Bike

We did some pro bono work for the International Bicycle Fund, creating art for an educational piece on the benefits of biking.

The title illustration:

And another cartoon highlighting one of the benefits (guess which!):

Strange Urges

This one was a lot of fun. Thanks to Mark L. for the suggestion (the very first idea submission we received, in fact). I could only fit in some of his ideas — for a peek into Mark’s brain, take a look at his full request.



A Cartoon Stand gag…

This is The Cartoon Stand.
Stay a while.

I'm a hired pen.

I draw all kinds of cartoons here, and entirely at your request. I'm talking gags, illustrations, caricatures, logos, gifts, political cartoons... just about anything.

You can suggest an idea for free. If I like it, I'll draw it. Fun for me, free art for you.

Or, if you want to skip to the front of the line and get exactly what you want, you can commission a cartoon. Rates are reasonable and negotiable.

So drop an idea in the suggestion box or place an order. You still just sitting there?

— Ken